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Aquamarina has been built especially to navigate our coasts, Comfort, Elegance, Speed and Stability are its main caracteristics  

The Aquamarine Open is an elegant "Gozzo" of 10.50 meters built in 2017.  This boat includes two standard units of 350 hp each, which lead to a maximum speed of 35 knots. The deck is all covered in teak and there is comfortable seating all around the boat. There is plenty of room to sunbath and relax in the shade. You will find a spacious and cozy cabin with a high good sized bathroom fully equipped with towels and other comforts, a changing room area to use and a sleeping space available to use . This boat is perfect for people who love the freedom of moving around at sea, taking advantage of all the areas of the boat available to you in safety, comfort, speed, stability and impeccable italian style. 

Material of construction -
Project VTRE Precious woods
Length over all Loa -
Length of hull Lh -
Width of hull Bh -
Building height Ds -
Diving -
Fuel tank -
Water tank -
2 x 370 lt
Displacement -
1 x 200 l
Approval CE -
Passengers - Sleeps -
Engine min. -
1 x 2 x 250hp 350 hp
Max power -
2 x 320 hp
Propulsion -
Axis line
Cruising speed -
Maximum speed -

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